Porch piracy or also known as package theft has become increasingly prevalent now that online shopping is popular. In fact, approximately 30 percent of online shoppers have reported their package was stolen from their porch or outside of their house. Though there are a lot of available resources that provide resolution to this like the need to sign a signature for package delivery or get your parcel delivered to your workplace, a lot of such solutions only increase the level of inconvenience during the process of delivery. Fortunately, Security Systems Chicago can provide you beneficial solutions to keep your entire home and your package secured and safe. Here are some of our recommendations you can consider: 

Smart locks 

We have been eyeing at 2 of the greatest method you can do to catch and deter package thieves. However, both solutions cannot really ensure that your package will not be stolen. Even if a burglar is caught on camera, there are still porch thieves that would still opt to get your package and walk off. Thankfully, smart locks provide you the chance to seize that option to get your parcel out of that burglar’s hand since smart locks enable you to remotely unlock your doors, unlike traditional locks that can just be unlocked once a person has a key. 

The video doorbell 

Though a surveillance system is a great tool to deter burglars, you might be looking for something that provides more convenience. If so, you might want to consider installing a video doorbell. This is a basic system that has 4 major pieces such as a mobile application, a 2-way audio communication device, a camera, and a motion detector. Such devices function together to ideally aid you to deter and detect if there’s anybody who attempts to be a package thief.  

CCTV surveillance system 

It’s no longer a surprise that getting a surveillance system is one of the greatest ways to prevent or catch porch pirates. A lot of surveys and studies that features interviews of ex-con have been available over the years. Also, it appears to be a usual knowledge that you can actually help deter potential burglars if you have a CCTV surveillance system within your home. You’ll be able to take a good view at anybody who would try to steal your packages if you consider installing surveillance cameras by your garage, toward the front of your house, or on your porch. This does not guarantee that a parcel thief will not get your package. However, if you have clear footage of the burglar, the police can get a great chance to catch the person behind such an act. Not only that, but the cameras themselves also be beyond sufficient to transfer package thieves toward simple targets. 

If you want to have such security system tools installed in your home, never think twice calling our company’s representative using our local hotline numbers for you to be assisted to whatever concerns you have for us. Contact us now!